Chuy’s Charlotte

Last night I was invited to a Taste & Talk Media Night at the local Chuy’s in the SouthPark neighborhood of Charlotte (located next door to Cowfish). We got to explore the menu, take a sauce tour (which was probably my favorite part, being the Sauce Boss and all), a taste of some of their signature drinks. Per usual, I ate too much…but to be fair it was to balance out the tequila I was drinking. However, I am pretty sure I rolled out of bed this morning. Must workout.


Chuy’s Sauce Tour

Entrees (steak burrito, Boom Boom Chicken, and tortilla soup). I went with the Boom Boom Chicken for the corn tortillas.

These are not all the drinks.

Overall it was an excellent night. I applaud the event coordinator of taking advantage of the beautiful Charlotte spring weather and having us out on the patio. Plus we all know it makes for excellent picture taking. I always enjoy seeing some of my favorite faces in Charlotte, especially when it is surrounded by excellent food and drink. I highly recommend having the chips with spicy ranchero sauce, ordering the Boom Boom Chicken (the sauce it was smothered in made my night), and any of the drinks.


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