Zip Code Dinner Club

It is no secret, I love food. All food. I have friends who are terrified of my food choices (the fact that I ate raw horse in Japan). However, I feel like life is too short to not taste the food!

Earlier this year I attended a talk with a theme to “get out of your zip code” and explore your city beyond the whitewashed neighborhoods we seclude ourselves to. After the talk I was speaking to a few food-loving friends and how we should explore the hole-in-the-wall places in different neighborhoods of Charlotte. Thus Zip Code Dinner Club was born. I, along with three other ladies go once a month to a new restaurant in a different zip code.


Our first food adventure brought us to La Shish Kabob in Eastland, where we feasted on lamb, rice, and falafel.  Read all about our adventure (and the birth of Zip Code Dinner Club) on Charlotte Agenda.


The following month we ventured to a Korean Restuarant and Market in Matthews. Pepero Asain Market is a hidden gem in an unassuming building, even the restaurant itself is tucked within this Asain market. We ate like queens ordering 3 different apps and soup. I highly recommend the kimchi pancake.


In June, we ventured to South Boulevard for Greek fare at the Mad Greek. We started with hummus and stuffed grape leaves (which are my absolute favorite). For my main dish, I ordered spanakopita which was the most delicious and beautiful spanakopita I’ve ever had. I also downed 2 (maybe 3) Greek Iced Coffees. I couldn’t stand the idea of eating any more food, so I took dessert to go. While the Made Greek has items on the menu that are traditionally American, I challenge you to try something authentic.


Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way and we missed our July meeting. However, we picked up right where we left off exploring Charlotte (and neighboring towns). We originally planned to try and bistro in Pineville. When we arrived it looked suspiciously quiet with only one car in the parking lot. Going to open the door, I felt as though I was going to bust into someone’s private dinner party. Nope. They were just closed. We didn’t have our token vegetarian with us, so we decided to venture to the local German restaurant, Waldhorn, and have a meat fest. And that is just what we did. We started with a bottle of German wine and promptly ordered the sampler plate. There is nothing more beautiful than having an entire plate of weiners placed on your table. I ordered the Kalbsrahmragout (sautéed Veal and mushrooms, in a light cream sauce, with homemade Spätzle) and I honestly think that was my first time having Spätzle. We had the best server, who convinced us all to come to October Fest. If you aren’t opposed to lots of meat and sauce, I highly recommend heading to Pineville for German eats.

Next month, we are venturing to the Greek festival.  While it isn’t a new adventure for me, it is my favorite way to kick off fall in Charlotte. I do plan to mix it up with the wine tasting and sit-down dinner inside…oh and the baklava ice cream, obviously.

Where are your favorite hidden gems in Charlotte? Help us explore this wonderful town and get out of our zip code! Follow me on Instagram for all of my food adventures (home cooking and eating out).

I also challenge you to do the same! My biggest piece of advice for heading into these restaurants, TALK TO YOUR SERVER! Don’t seek out what is comfortable. Talk to those who serve your food and find out what is popular and good.

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