Weekend Update: Hello Fall

This weekend encompassed all the things of fall. Chilly weather, Halloween, FriendsGiving, and of course Soup Sunday. I could not have had a better weekend and was glad to have yesterday to reflect and rest.

MJ at work

halloween with katie

Despite not having children, I absolutely love Halloween. Typically the entire month of October is filled with scary movies carving of a pumpkin, roasting the seeds, and coming up with the perfect costume . However, Halloween has the ability to be a lot like New Years’s Eve, where there is a lot of hype and buildup to the holiday only be let down on the day of. Thankfully, this Halloween did not disappointment. I had a killer costume that won me 3rd place and a cash prize. I took my winning costume to another party with my friend, Katie, and her boyfriend, Nick. We basically just drank and danced. I only partly regret drinking the mystery juice (you know what I am talking about — the pre-made mix drink where you don’t know the percentage of juice to alcohol). I took Uber home and I was hydrated and in bed by 1am. Overall a winning Halloween.

Saturday morning, I rallied got myself out of bed. I planned on getting an oil change but knew in my gut it would be more than just a simple oil change. And it was. Almost $200 later I was on my way to vote. While standing in line at the Cornelius Town Hall, Thom Tillis walked in. I will say no other comments than that, other than if you haven’t voted yet tomorrow is the day. Do your civic duty and vote! Before going home I picked up some Bojangles, it is my cure for a night of drinking. That evening I went to FriendsGiving hosted by my friend Kseniya and her husband, which is an awesome way to kick off the holiday season and to practice overeating. I made my MawMaw’s broccoli salad (it’s not her recipe, but every time I have it I think of her). There was a lot of amazing home cooked meals that evening, my stomach was full when I went home that night.


I woke up on Sunday with an extra hour of sleep and that fall had officially arrived. I was blessed enough to attend a local church with my dear friend Erin. It not only fed my soul but I was honored to hear the testimony of Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of Saeed Abedini the pastor being held in an Irani prison. Her story though heartbreaking, there is beauty in the strength she has found through her faith. I encourage you to look up his story (here is some information), as the pastor said “it is not just a Christian issue, this is a religious freedom issue.” Everyone should have the right to worship as they wish and the religion they wish. After having my soul fed, we went to Georges Brasserie in Southpark. It was my first visit and it was worth the wait as well as lived up to all the good reviews. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend.

spanish chicken stew

And because it was Sunday, I made soup (#soupsunday). This week’s soup was Spanish Chicken Stew in the crockpot. I’ve been asked for the recipes for my soups. For this soup I followed the recipe for the exception that I also added red wine to the broth. I added some red pepper flake to my bowl of soup for some kick. This is probably one of the easiest soups that I’ve made so far this season.

After an fun and uplifting weekend, I am confident that I will enjoy the week ahead. Happy Monday all.